omnipotent goddes

I didn’t get out of the house at all yesterday. I mean, I think I went out once to dump the trash, but that was it. It was rainy all day so there was no great incentive to go out.

Same story with Monday. I made myself go out on a walk in the morning just to get some exercise, but it was so cold and it rained all day and after subjecting myself to that once, I didn’t feel a pressing need to do it again.

Today, totally different story. Sunny, relatively warm, a light breeze. I went for a long walk this morning, patrolled the back yard picking up trash when I took a break this afternoon, and after I clocked out (working from home) I took a long walk around the neighborhood to make sure my legs got a good, long stretch.

I’ll have to patrol the yard a couple more times this week to get as much of the trash picked up as possible before the grass shoots up and starts to hide it. The contractors did a great job putting up the vinyl siding but a poor job keeping their trash off our lawn. I’ve picked up enough nails to build Noah’s ark.

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