Wednesday, April 1st, 2020

From the Johns Hopkins live map, updated at 5:05 pm:

There were 932,605 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the world and 46,809 deaths.

In the U.S. there were 213,372 confirmed cases, almost one-quarter of the world’s total and 29,189 more than this time yesterday. The U.S. accounted for 4,757 deaths from COVID-19, about ten percent of the world’s total and 947 more than this time yesterday.

1,139 U.S. deaths – twenty-four percent of the U.S. total – were in New York city.

In Wisconsin there were 1,556 confirmed cases and 27 deaths. 12 deaths – almost half – were in Milwaukee County, where they had a total of 780 confirmed cases, still more than half all the confirmed cases in Wisconsin.

The southeast region of the state remains the hardest hit, with 1,059 cases and 19 deaths: Waukesha County has 107 cases, 1 death; Kenosha County has 54 cases; Ozaukee County has 46 cases and 5 deaths; Washington County has 44 cases and 1 death; and Racine County has 28 cases.

In Dane County, there were 215 confirmed cases and a total of 2 deaths.

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