NDofPD Plus 34

34 days since the National Day of Patriotic Devotion

(Evening Edition)

This has got to be the best story of the day:

“Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) invoked the 2011 shooting of former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.) at a constituent event this week as a reason not to hold a public town hall. “Threats are nothing new to me and I have gotten my share as a felony judge. However, the House Sergeant at Arms advised us after former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot at a public appearance, that civilian attendees at Congressional public events stand the most chance of being harmed or killed.” The Hill, 23 February 2017

“Former Rep. Gabby Giffords is not going to put up with a cowardly Republican using her shooting to justify hiding from his constituents … “I was shot on a Saturday morning. By Monday morning my offices were open to the public. Ron Barber – at my side that Saturday, who was shot multiple times, then elected to Congress in my stead – held town halls. It’s what the people deserve in a representative … To the politicians who have abandoned their civic obligations, I say this: Have some courage. Face your constituents. Hold town halls.” Daily Kos, 23 February 2017

Gabby Giffords makes my day just about every time she’s in the news.

That’s enough smiling, though. Back to more of “How stupid can legislators make themselves look?”

“Rep. Mike Burgess (R-Texas), a doctor who sits on a House health subcommittee, [said] a reduction in the number of people with health insurance coverage shouldn’t be viewed as a negative. “If the numbers drop, I would say that’s a good thing,” Burgess said, “because we’ve restored personal liberty in this country, and I’m always for that.” Burgess seemed to imply that there are people who hate the idea of having health insurance but were forced to buy it because otherwise IRS agents would be “chasing [them] down” under the current law.” Mother Jones, 23 February 2017

Trump’s imigration policy has removed the safeguards that prevented the deportation of military spouses while soldiers were deployed:

“In 2013, President Obama, at the express request of the Defense Department, created a program for military families to prevent the deportation of military spouses, parents and children … This week, this administration rescinded the Parole in Place program, harming thousands of military families across the country … It is unconscionable to reverse a policy that strengthens our military and our veterans. That the program was not even named in the memo demonstrates either a lack of awareness, or worse, a casual disregard of the effect that this will have on those most vulnerable members of our military.” The New York Times, 22 February 2017

Still no investigation into Trump’s ties with Russia …

“Seeking to avoid a full House vote on the so-called “resolution of inquiry” – a roll call that would be particularly embarrassing and divisive for the right – Republicans will send proposal [to force the disclosure of President Donald Trump’s potential ties with Russia and any possible business conflicts of interest] by Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) to the House Judiciary Committee for a panel vote on Tuesday, two Democratic sources said. The GOP-controlled committee is expected to kill the resolution.” Politico, 22 February 2017


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