NDofPD Plus 14

14 days after the National Day of Patriotic Devotion

In his first tweet of the day, Trump continues to pick a fight with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who took over Trump’s spot on the television show Celebrity Apprentice. Because what else would be on your mind? (A senseless shooting, perhaps?)

“Yes, Arnold Schwarzenegger did a really bad job as governor of California and even worse on the apprentice … but at least he tried hard!” Donald Trump, via Twitter, 3 February 2017

After jabbing Schwarzenegger, Trump has some really tough talk for Iran:

“Iran is playing with fire – they don’t appreciate how “kind” President Obama was to them. Not me!” Donald Trump, via Twitter, 3 February 2017

“Not me! Imma get tough! Imma put em on DOUBLE SECRET PROBATION!”

Okay, that’s taken care of. Who else he gotta beat on? Oh, yeah. The press:

“Thank you to Prime Minister of Australia for telling the truth about our very civil conversation that FAKE NEWS media lied about. Very nice!” Donald Trump, via Twitter, 3 February 2017


“Meeting with biggest business leaders this morning. Good jobs are coming back to U.S., health care and tax bills are being crafted NOW!” Donald Trump, via Twitter, 3 February 2017

Fuck that. What’s in the news?

“Kellyanne Conway, a senior adviser to Donald Trump, has … blam[ed] two Iraqi refugees for a massacre that never happened. Conway … cited the fictional “Bowling Green massacre” in an interview in which she backed the travel ban imposed on visitors from seven Muslim-majority countries.” The Guardian, 3 February 2017

“Kellyanne Conway, the adviser to President Trump who coined the phrase “alternative facts,” is facing another firestorm of criticism and fact-checking after she falsely spoke of a “Bowling Green massacre” by Iraqi refugees. She acknowledged and corrected her mistake Friday morning on Twitter.” The New York Times, 3 February 2017

I hope that the Bowling Green Massacre gets at least a footnote in future history books when Kellyanne is mentioned, but not if they have to leave out “alternative facts.” That’s got to stay in. That’s a deal-breaker right there.

And today’s act of civil disobedience belongs to the Yemenis in New York City:

“Thousands of Yemeni-Americans and their supporters rallied in Brooklyn on Thursday to denounce President Trump’s executive order on immigration, hours after hundreds of Yemeni-owned bodegas and grocery stores around New York closed to protest the order.” The New York Times, 3 February 2017

Good for them.

“Nordstrom Inc. will stop selling the controversial Ivanka Trump brand this season, a move that follows boycott threats and concerns about the first daughter’s conflicts of interest. The department-store chain made the decision based on sales, according to a statement from the Seattle-based company.” Bloomberg 2 February 2017

Countdown to a tweet from Trump calling out the “failing Nordstrom stores” in three … two … one …

“A French soldier shot and seriously wounded a knife-wielding man Friday who attempted to attack security forces outside the Louvre museum. French police said the attacker was armed with at least one machete and was carrying two briefcases as he attempted to enter the museum’s shopping center. When he was refused entry to the Carrousel du Louvre, he allegedly pulled out a knife and attacked the soldier, who then fired five rounds into the attacker’s stomach, France’s interior ministry tweeted. Bernard Cazeneuve, France’s prime minister, described the knife attack as clearly “terrorist in nature.” No explosives were found in the man’s two bags.” The Washington Post 3 February 2017

“Less than a week before the 2016 presidential election, when most media observers thought Hillary Clinton was a lock to win, Elon Musk called CNBC and unloaded on Donald Trump. “He doesn’t seem to have the sort of character that reflects well on the United States,” he said. In the three months since Trump’s surprise victory, Musk has changed course, becoming something of an ally to Trump.” The Atlantic

“The U.S. Treasury Department announced additional sanctions on Iran on Friday, less than a week after a ballistic missile test prompted the Trump administration to accuse Iran of violating an international a weapons agreement.” NPR, 3 February 2017

“… not only was this the leakiest White House I’d ever seen but also that the leaks – whether purposely or not – seemed to cast the president as a child who badly needs to be managed. What’s truly remarkable is that the leaking appears to be growing even more frequent and even more deleterious to President Trump’s image within just the last few days.” The Washington Post, 3 Febuary 2017

“Over 100,000 visas have been revoked as a result of President Trump’s ban on travel from seven predominantly Muslim countries, an attorney for the government revealed in Alexandria federal court Friday.” The Washington Post, 3 February 2017

Maybe the financial crisis won’t be so bad this time:

Say Goodbye to Your Life Savings (Again) President Trump’s team of Goldman Sachs alums are in the hen house. Charles P. Pierce, Esquire, 3 February 2017

“President Trump mounted an all-out assault on financial regulation on Friday, announcing an array of steps to tear down safeguards enacted to prevent a repeat of the 2008 financial crisis and turning to the Wall Street titans he had demonized during his campaign for advice.” The New York Times, 3 February 2017

“President Barack Obama’s former White House photographer is taking to Instagram to show frustration with the new administration. Pete Souza was responsible for documenting the Obama administration … he’s taken to the visual platform in the last few days, posting a series of photos subtly knocking President Donald Trump.” CNN 3 February 2017

“White House National Economic Council Director Gary Cohn told CNBC in a TV interview that the fiduciary rule limited customers’ choices in financial products. “I don’t think you protect investors by limiting choices,” said Cohn, who previously was Goldman Sachs’ COO. “We think it is a bad rule. It is a bad rule for consumers,” Cohn told The Wall Street Journal. “This is like putting only healthy food on the menu, because unhealthy food tastes good but you still shouldn’t eat it because you might die younger.”” Business Insider, 3 February 2017

“The military convoy seen flying a Trump flag in Louisville on Sunday belonged to a Navy Special Warfare unit, and the flag was “unauthorized,” a Navy spokeswoman said. Lt. Jacqui Maxwell of the Naval Special Warfare Group 2 in Virginia Beach, Virginia, said a command inquiry is underway. “Yes, it was inappropriate,” Maxwell said. “It was unauthorized.”” Navy Times, 3 February 2017

“A federal judge in Seattle has imposed a nationwide stop on the travel ban imposed by President Trump on seven Muslim countries. Judge James Robart granted a request from Washington state to put a temporary restraining order on key parts of last week’s executive order.” New York Daily News, 3 February 2017

“The federal government announced Friday that it was dispatching Bureau of Indian Affairs agents to help clear Dakota Access Pipeline protesters from the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. Acting assistant secretary of Indian affairs Michael S. Black said the agency had sent “enforcement support and will assist” the tribe “in closing the protest camps within the Standing Rock Reservation boundary.”” The Washington Post, 3 February 2017

This next tweet only makes sense if everybody in Trump’s reality has a sugar daddy:

“Professional anarchists, thugs and paid protesters are proving the point of the millions of people who voted to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” Donald Trump, via Twitter, 3 February 2017

And yet when a white guy who professed his love for Trump, Marine Le Pen, and right-wing ideology shot helpless Muslims, you were silent:

“A new radical Islamic terrorist has just attacked in Louvre Museum in Paris. Tourists were locked down. France on edge again. GET SMART U.S.” [And have remained silent.] Donald Trump, via Twitter, 3 February 2017

Well of course we must. When does your “flight” leave?

“We must keep “evil” out of our country!” Donald Trump, via Twitter, 3 February 2017

Or, we could just, you know, let the market take care of it, seeing as how you’re all about less regulation:

“Countries charge U.S. companies taxes or tariffs while the U.S. charges them nothing or little. We should charge them SAME as they charge us!” Donald Trump, via Twitter, 3 February 2017


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