NDofDP Plus 1

Day 1 after the National Day of Patriotic Devotion (NDofDP+1)

Canadians traveling to Washington D.C. to take park in the Women’s March were turned away at the border after Customs and Border Patrol agents questioned their intentions. The BBC, 21 January 2017

“The National Park Service (NPS) has resumed tweeting after it was temporarily ordered by the Interior Department to shut down its Twitter activity over two retweets — one about the attendance of President Trump’s inauguration and the other about the disappearance of some White House web pages.” CBS News, 21 January 2017

“In a Saturday phone call, Trump personally ordered [acting National Park Service director Michael T.] Reynolds to produce additional photographs of the previous day’s crowds on the Mall … The president believed that the photos might prove that the media had lied in reporting that attendance had been no better than average. Trump also expressed anger over a retweet sent from the agency’s account, in which side-by-side photographs showed far fewer people at his swearing-in than had shown up to see Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009.” The Washington Post, 26 January 2017

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