Generation Kill

Stuck in traffic on the way home yesterday evening, my iBrainPod had the Minnie Riperton bubblegum-pop tune Lovin’ You looping incessantly, not because I ever liked that song (who did, amiright?) but because I just recently saw this:

I started watching Generation Kill last weekend – picked the first episode totally at random from the free video offered on the Amazon Prime bulletin board so I would have something to watch out of the corner of my eye while I was folding clothes, and pretty soon the clothes were left heaped in the basket while I was engrossed in it.

I didn’t even know Generation Kill had been made into a miniseries. I tried reading the book after it came out but didn’t finish the first hundred pages. It just didn’t get any traction with me at all.

But the show is really effing good. (There are as many or more eff bombs as there are any other bombs dropped in each episode, just so you know. It’s HBO, after all.) I can’t remember the last time I saw such an unflinchingly honest and accurate depiction of military screwedupedness. I have to laugh even when it’s tragic, maybe especially when it’s tragic, because every cringeworthy episode is so spot-on.

I’m almost done watching with the show already – there are only eight episodes. Might have to give the book another look after I’m finished.

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