not hungry

We weren’t feeling very hungry when we got home last night, so we decided to watch the latest episode of Sherlock before we sat down to dinner, but while we hung up our coats and unpacked our bags we munched a little from the bowl of cashews that was sitting on the table. Cashews are good for you. And they’re cashews. Yum.

The cashews were all gone by the time we sat down to watch Sherlock but My Darling B was having a little trouble getting it to play on our new TV. The TV has the clunkiest internet browser I’ve ever seen, and our internet connection is already too slow to reliably stream video, so B was basically just trying piss herself off, which she succeeded in doing just fine. While she was twiddling with the TV I refilled the bowl with cashews, brought it to the sofa and entertained myself by watching her get steamed while I snacked. B helped empty the bowl.

We gave up on the TV after ten or fifteen minutes of frustration. B whipped out her tablet and started Sherlock playing on that, but she couldn’t get the sound up high enough. Rather than have to lean in to the tablet during the whole show, I ran downstairs and returned with the speakers I use when I want to play music from my smart phone. When everything was plugged in and we were settled, we watched Sherlock until the browser froze about ten minutes into the show.

Finally, I booted up Amazon Prime streaming video on the TV and paid five bucks for the latest episode of Sherlock, over B’s protests. She didn’t want to pay for it when it was free on the internet. I suppose I can see her point, sort of, but we’ve paid three bucks in rental fees and twenty bucks in overdue fees to watch movies that we didn’t even enjoy, so why not spend a fin on a show we’ve been looking forward to?

I was a little disappointed by the show, as it turns out. Sherlock faces his greatest enemy yet! Well, no. The villain turns out to be no more than just a sleazy asshole with a lot of money, and Sherlock doesn’t do a lot of sleuthing. Any, really. I had to scrounge some comfort food out of the fridge to console myself. Hummus and olives. On sweet potato chips. It helped, a little.

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