tvdoorWe finally got a television. And so far, we’re disappointed.

Mostly because it doesn’t play internet shows like we thought it would, but first things first: We ordered a new television from Amazon last week. They didn’t deliver it by drone, so there’s the first disappointment. Coming home to a drone-delivered television set would’ve been awesome.

Instead, it was delivered by good old UPS, or Fed Ex, or somebody else who leaves stuff on our doorstep. That’s right, just up and left a honking big television set in its original packaging on our doorstep. Good thing we have honest neighbors.

It’s a smart TV, which means it can connect to the internet. Like I have to explain that to you. It’s a fair bet that everybody out there knows that TVs connect to the internet now. I was the last guy on earth who didn’t know.

And as the last guy on earth who didn’t know TVs and internet go together, I didn’t prepare by getting a faster internet connection, so we spent most of last night looking at that little twirling circle thingie that you get when the stream is buffering, instead of watching the latest episode of Sherlock. In the end, we had to watch it on My Darling B’s tablet. Why it streams just fine on a tablet and not on the smart TV is one of those tech mysteries, I suppose.

It’s kind of stupid to spend all that money on a smart TV if all we get to watch is the symbol for buffering, so I imagine we’ll have to spend at least a couple more hours to check out the price of upgrading our internet slash TV service, then probably even take a day off work to wait for some guy to come to our house between nine and three to install it. This is fun. I can see why people love TV.

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