KangKang is dead. Long live Kang.

If you watched a lot of television shows from the 60s and 70s you must’ve seen Michael Ansara in something, same as you must’ve seen John Colicos, the other television actor who was in just about every show back then and was also one of the original Klingons from Star Trek – dark hair, swarthy complexion, goatee, stripey shirt, and the demeanor of a conquering khan.

Colicos is the Klingon everyone seems to remember, and a pretty good one he was, too: devious, ruthless, and enjoyed his work a little too much, but Kang was my personal favorite, the Klingon you’d most want to trade punches with, if you were into getting beaten to a pulp by a Klingon the way some people are. Kang was also the first television alien that made me wonder: Why do they all know how to speak English?

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