I’ve not been posting much lately because My Darling B and I have turned into a couple of TV-watching video fiends, and catching up on pop culture is not something that leaves me a lot of extra time to write this drivel, or shower. Now you don’t have to ask what that smell is when you come over to visit. You’re welcome.

We haven’t been watching actual television for more than five years now, and I’m still pretty sure it can be proven statistically with, y’know, numbers and everything that we made a good decision. We’ve found maybe three or four really good television series that we like watching, and that’s three or four out of how many television shows a year, times five years? A very big number, anyways.

So we may be behind the times, but we only have to watch the good shows because, when we bring home a DVD of a show that turns out to be one of the bad ones, we just take it back and bring home a different show. There are lots to choose from.

Lately we’ve been binging on Downton Abbey, watching two or three episodes a night, except on weekends when we watch as many as three episodes a day. It’s taken up so much of our time that we haven’t watched Breaking Bad for at least a week.

I love this show. I expected an average costume drama but somehow I got all wrapped up in it to the point where I’m gasping at the plot twists and crying at the weddings. Really, I’m as bad as a housewife watching a soap opera. If you’d only seen me blubber like a girl when the boys came home from the war, you’d know. I’m not sure what we’ll do when we get to the end of season three which, at the rate we’ve been going, will be about fifteen minutes from now.

One thought on “all-seeing

  1. Well…after you’ve finished Downton, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, and Parenthood…sign up for the free 30 day trial of Netflix and watch House of Cards. You will not be disappointed!


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