Avast, matey! There be spoilers ahead!

On the way home from work Friday night, I asked My Darling B if she wanted to watch the last episode of Breaking Bad. We checked out season two from the library earlier in the week and had watched the whole thing in just a couple of nights, all except for the last episode. I figured they couldn’t end the season without explaining the burned red teddy bear they’ve been teasing us with all season, so I kind of wanted to find out what that was about.

“Oh, hell yes,” B answered me, “we have got to find out about the plane crash.”

For just a moment, I thought we were talking about two different things. “Plane crash?”

“No, not plane crash,” B said quickly. “I, ah, meant to say something else!” I waited a couple of heartbeats, but she didn’t explain any further what she could have possibly said that might have sounded like ‘plane crash.’

Wouldn’t have made any difference, anyway. I figured out it was a spoiler. She had been even more curious about the red teddy bear than I was and looked it up. Couldn’t help herself, really, like the other night when I wondered out loud, “How many people has Walter White killed so far?” and she googled it almost without thinking.

Turns out if you type “How many people has wa” into google, it autocompletes the question for you. (If you stop at the ‘w’ the question becomes “How many people has weeds killed?”)

I can’t tell you how disappointed I am that “HowManyPeopleHasWalterWhiteKilled.tumblr.com” is not a thing, although this tumbler post just about makes up for it.

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