Saturday, May 7th, 2011

I’m still a little full after last night’s visit to The Old Fashioned. It’s the kind of restaurant where you go to order a sandwich that’s so big you couldn’t possibly eat it in one sitting, and because it’s just that big they give you an order of fries you have to split in half and take the uneaten portion home with you, too. Only, I ate all the fries. Every one of them. I don’t know what came over me. I just kept on munching them down. They tasted so good with the beer, I suppose. And this morning my tummy’s still telling me I’m full. Warning me, really. Don’t even think about eating any breakfast, buster! is what it’s saying.

The occasion was the last weekend of Craft Beer Week, a clever scheme to get us to drink beer, like we needed any urging. Restaurants and other venues all over town have been hosting visits from brewers around the state who drop in to pour samples of their beers, although that’s not what was going on at The Old Fashioned last night. They were doing a red-light special on tap beers, which were two-fifty a glass when the red light was flashing. I scored a Moon Man, delicious lawnmower beer from New Glarus brewing.

My Darling B was shocked, absolutely shocked! when she realized that the “pint” glasses didn’t hold a full pint of beer. She thought that the tap beers, which are advertised in the menu as a “pint,” were literally a pint of beer, but learned the awful truth when I ordered a twelve-ounce bottle of Floppin’ Crappie and filled the “pint glass” that came with it up to the rim. Poor girl It was like I strangled Santa Claus right before her eyes. Guess she’ll be ordering bottled beer from now on.

And we were there for dinner because it was Friday Friday FRIDAY!

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