table saw table

table saw tableThe first thing you have to make with your new table saw is a table for your saw. Sounds like one of those No shit, Sherlock, answers, doesn’t it?

“So what’s the first thing you made with your new table saw?”

“A table, duh.”

It doesn’t have to be pretty, as you can plainly see, but it does have to be stable. I wonder if the word “table” is a truncation of “stable?” I think I’ll make that my weekly e-mail to Grant & Martha at A Way With Words. Anyway, a wobbly table would defeat the whole purpose of spending all that money on a table saw in the first place, to say nothing of how quickly you’d lose the end of at least one finger as your table saw table started walking across the work shop floor.

I knocked this together in about an hour, after an hour spent cleaning enough crap from the center of the work shop so I had room to go at it. That’s what sucks about starting a new project: Preparation always takes at least as long as doing the actual job.

table saw outfeed tableIt took me all friggin day to cut that board in half, but it finally happened. And about time, too. I was getting pretty tired of cutting up all that wood just to build tables and jigs so that I could build something.

It’s going to be a book case soon; probably not today, maybe not until sometime next weekend, but now that I can see it’s going to happen I feel a little better about blowing all that money on a table saw.
And it worked perfectly the first time! I made a clean cut exactly down the center of the board, accounting for the width of the saw blade, and both pieces came out the other end exactly the same width, just as if I knew what I was doing! Weird.

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