Tuesday, January 1st, 2002

I spent a few hours in the kitchen this afternoon, studying for promotion, glancing over my shoulder out the patio door every so often. We have a visitor. Sometimes the boys drop cereal when they take the trash out to the cans on the patio, and a small black-and-white bird, at little larger than a chickadee, comes to peck it up. He’s the only one that’s found the food so far, and we’ve been dropping bread crumbs on purpose these last few days. When B came home from the movies with Tim, they had a huge bucket of bird seed and a feeder, so I helped B figure out how to hang it for our little friend.

The neighborhood was dead quiet at 11:00 this morning when I went out to shovel the walks clear of about two inches of fluffy, new-fallen snow. Was everybody sleeping off the effects of the night before? When I went out again at about two in the afternoon, quite a few more people had come out to shovel their cars out of the snow.

visitor | 7:26 pm CDT
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