Monday, December 24th, 2001

The headlights on the car stopped working. When I drove to work in the evening, the car was working normally. Can’t have that, especially on Christmas Eve, the start of a holiday season that closes every service for a week. When I drove out of the parking lot to drive home that night, the low beam lamps wouldn’t come on, and I noticed later that the buzzer that warns you that you left the lights on wasn’t working, either. Checked all the fuses, but they were all fine. Couldn’t figure out how to get at the bulbs, although I don’t know how they would both burn out at the same time. The next evening I drove to work by the light of the fog lamps. On the way home in the middle of the night for my holiday hit, I noticed the lamplight flicker, but thought it was just the fog lamps bouncing from a pothole in the road. Once I was parked at home, I turned off the fog lamps and voila! The headlights were working again.

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