I woke from sleep after a mid to a sound I remember hearing a long, long time ago: a snow shovel scraping across concrete. Popped out of bed expecting to see another light dusting and instead was pleasantly surprised by about four inches on the ground and more coming down fast. (When I say things like “pleasantly surprised” about a lot of snow, you can tell I’ve been here only four months, can’t you?) Now this was a respectable amount of snow – nothing that lives up to all the bragging they do around here, you’d have to cover Japan in a sheet of ice a mile thick to come close to that. This had a lot of potential, though: fluffy wet flakes about the size of softballs that make for back-breaking shoveling, but easily pack together into killer snowballs. If it keeps up, we’ll be sledding by the weekend. I’m pretty sure Tim will just about demand it.

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