Tuesday, November 27th, 2001

Here’s a quick catch-up, to answer any questions you might have on what’s up with the O-Folk: We’re living on base in a pretty nice place, very new, lots of room, warm and dry. What more could a family want? I’ve got a job yelling at airmen, which keeps me pretty busy coz lots of them need yelling at. I’m also still working shift, which is not so bad in some ways, but when I’m on mids I hardly see my family and by the end of the mids rotation I have to carry cue cards so I remember names and birth dates. The good thing is when I get time off with the clan, it’s usually a good, long time and we can go to a couple different things, a festival and a trip to the coast, for instance. B’s doing everything else. She’s taking a class in Japanese at University of Maryland; she’s coaching soccer; she’s helping part-time at the post office; and she still does odd jobs around the house, cooking meals and helping the kids with homework, that kind of thing. Tim and Sean are plugging away in school, and doing pretty well. Tim helps out at the animal shelter on base, and just about all Sean’s spare time is spent at wrestling practice. He made junior varsity this week, and this weekend they go to Yakota or Iwakuni or some place hell and gone from here on a road trip. We’re all healthy and pretty happy and adjusting to life on a military post in a place where we’re so utterly different from the local population that answering yes or no to a simple question is an exhaustingly diplomatic exercise, or at least it is for me. B’s just about got it down cold.

November Wrap-Up | 10:20 am CDT
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