Wednesday, October 31st, 2001

Happy Halloween! I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had giving away candy and toy treats tonight. Kids of all ages, but mostly the fun young kids, came to my front door with big sacks hoping to make themselves sick on a huge haul of goodies, and I happily sat on the front stoop and helped them realize that goal. “Now remember,” I told them as they chose their treats from my big basket of candy, “I can only set you up for success. It’s up to you to stuff yourself until you blow chunks all over your bedroom floor tonight. Think you’re up to it?”

I’m almost as happy to report that blood-spattered, knife-waving psycho killer costumes aren’t anywhere near as popular as they used to be; couldn’t have counted more than a handful, if I’d been counting at all. Most kids wore traditional costumes: Witches, mummies, vampires, good fairies, the occasional teddy bear, and – a favorite emergency back-up among military families – dad’s uniform, usually way too large.

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