beer me

My Darling B and I went to the Isthmus Beer and Cheese Fest yesterday afternoon. We enjoyed ourselves just fine, but the event seemed to both of us to lean a lot more heavily toward the beer and a lot less toward the cheese than it had in years past. Not that more beer is a bad thing, especially when they’re new beers. Seems like every town in Wisconsin has a brewery now, and there were a lot from towns I never heard of. If I didn’t have such a delicate constitution I could have sampled nothing but new beers all afternoon and still probably not come anywhere near close to sampling half of them. But that’s not why I cheated by asking for some of the beers on offer that I already knew I’d had before; when Sierra Nevada shows up with the latest batch of Bigfoot, it’s not something I would pass up, and I didn’t.

As it was, I had a taste of just seventeen beers during the four-hour festival; I had to cut myself off the last half-hour or so we were there, filling my taster glass with water every time I passed a bubbler. And when I say a “taste,” I mean most vendors poured an ounce or two into the complimentary glass they gave each of us at the door, but some filled the glass all the way to the brim of a glass that held maybe three ounces of beer, and I poured out one, maybe two glasses of the beers that made me go “ewww,” but drank all the rest. So conservatively speaking, I “tasted” about thirty-four ounce of beer, but realistically I “drank” closer to forty-five ounces of beer, or just short of four pints, probably more than a lightweight like me should drink in an afternoon, even spreading it out over four hours. Drank many pints of water after I got home.

she & I

B and I at Beer and Cheese FestThis is yours truly, and My Darling B, at the first annual Beer and Cheese Festival sponsored by the Isthmus. I managed somehow to snap this photo of us one-handed after drinking beer for three hours. You might infer from this that we were sober and steady-handed. Appearances can be deceiving.

The Isthmus is a local advertising newspaper (and web site) that is all-knowing, as far as local social events are concerned. We refer to it often to find out what’s going on where, and at what time.

Beer and cheese are Wisconsin staples, so it’s only natural that we would have an annual festival devoted to their adulation. I’m only surprised that this is the first annual such festival. A wonderful idea. I hope they can pull it off again next year.

You might think that I, a lactose-intolerant person, might be a bit rash going to an all-day festival to imbibe beer and nosh on cheese, but I had a bottle of pills in my pocket that have done wonders for me. I popped one pill about a half-hour before we left and another pill every hour on the hour after that. I’m happy to report I passed the afternoon accident-free, although I have been a little aromatic throughout the evening. They’re great little pills, but they’re not magical.

We are blessed here in Wisconsin with an abundance of cheese makers and beer brewers, so the festival was a success. Had to be a success, really. It’s just impossible to put that many foods and drinks together that taste so good and not have it turn out to be amazing. They even cheated a little bit and invited Gail Ambrosius to bring some of her chocolates to pair up with some of the beers on hand.

All in all a wonderful day that My Darling B and I enjoyed immensely, as you can see from the photo. I’m sure we’ll go back again next year.