Garage cleanup – spring 2023

I wish I had a “before” photo so you’d have some idea what kind of a mess I was facing when I started cleaning up the garage Sunday morning.

After working in the garage on and off all winter, and more often in the last few months, there were scraps of wood piled up on every flat surface, leaning against everything that stood still, and scattered on the floor. You couldn’t even *see* that set of shelves next to the window. And there was sawdust *everywhere*.

But after spending most of Sunday cleaning up, and a couple hours after work on Monday, I finally got it to look like this. And though I know it looks like kind of a mess, it’s a lot easier to move around in there now and I know where everything is, so it’s a huge improvement in my book.

Not shown: the work bench is behind me in this photo. That’s a mess for another long, rainy weekend.

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