We have a cross-cut paper shredder and nearly everything we get in the mail goes straight from the mailbox to the shredder because it’s practically all junk mail. I don’t even open it unless I absolutely have to.

Case in point: The junk mail I get from Triple A. Those guys know how to make me open up the junk mail they send to me. They jam so much stuff in there: Cover letter, glossy pamphlet, fake membership card, return envelope, etc etc. The shredder bogs down if I try to shred it unopened, so I usually open it up and separate it into two or three wads of paperwork that I feed to the shredder.

AARP employs a variation on the same strategy by packing an extra-thick, laminated fake membership card inside which I have to shred separately from the rest of the junk or it’ll absolutely put the brakes on the shredder.

It’s okay. I don’t mind opening an envelope even if it’s just going in the shredder. Keep ’em coming.

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