a test post

My new keyboard came in pieces. I got the base and the key caps several days ago, but didn’t get the push-button switches until this afternoon. This was just a little bit frustrating, especially because I was supposed to receive them all on or near the same day. That didn’t happen, I assume because the deliveries were all scheduled right after the holidays which have to be a little overwhelming for the various delivery services. The first delivery got pushed back a day, the second got pushed back two or three days, and the last delivery was pushed back more than a week.

It’s all here now and it’s all put together and I’m happy to say it’s a lot more fun to type on than I thought it would be. The key action is very smooth and much more quiet than the keyboard I was using, which was very clicky-clacky. The new one is also a lot better-looking! The old keyboard was flat black with shiny red lights under the key caps. The main key caps on the new keyboard are desert brown and the supporting keys (shift, tab, backspace) have chocolate brown key caps. There’s also a soft backlight under the key caps; I can change the color of it and I’ve settled on a cool blue. I wasn’t sure I’d care about the appearance of the keyboard but it turns out I do.

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