Got my COVID booster yesterday, the Pfizer vaccine this time. My initial shot was Johnson & Johnson, which the pharmacist said they weren’t using for boosters. Fine with me. I was going to ask for an mRNA vaccine this time anyway, didn’t care which.

I didn’t have any reaction at all to the J&J, but just hours after getting the Pfizer booster my arm was getting sore, and by the time I went to bed it was stiff and I if I wanted to raise it over my head, I had to be careful about it. Before I went to bed I popped a couple ibuprofen just to make sure I got plenty of sleep.

My arm’s still pretty sore this morning and I’m not feeling 100% lucid, but feeling well enough to go to work (from home) so I’m not so worried any more than I’ll be laid up for a day or more.

When B got her initial shot, she was knocked out for days — couldn’t go to work, couldn’t eat, just curled up in bed and had to tough it out. She’s sore from the booster but went to work (also from home) this morning.

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