We were reading in bed last night at about nine o’clock when we heard a series of thuds, very loud, the kind of sound that you feel in your chest as much as you hear it with your ears. The last thud was so especially loud that I got out of bed and went to the living room window to see if maybe one of our neighbors’ houses wasn’t exploded in pieces all over their lawn. But no, no exploded house, no smoke or fire, nothing unusual that I could see, so I went back to bed.

Not more than five minutes later, another series of heavy thuds. And a few minutes later, more very heavy thuds. This time, My Darling B got out of bed, looked out the window, even stepped out the front door to have a good look around. Came back to bed a few minutes later, having seen nothing out of the ordinary.

More thuds after that, but neither of us got up to check. I’ll keep a sharp eye open when I go for a walk this morning, but by this time I doubt I’ll see any Martian cylinders or smoking holes. We may never know what was thudding in our neighborhood last night. 

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