Well here we are on the morning after another time change, which I’m not going to rant about because I’ve done that to death and how can there be any more to say about it that hasn’t already been said? Besides, I’m hardly feeling it this morning. This must be the time change that I don’t feel until it’s time to go to bed at night. Then I look at the clock and it turns out it’s nowhere near time to go to bed so I have to find a comic book to read or something to watch on YouTube for a while longer, fall asleep in the middle of it and wake up in the dark at four o’clock the next morning. Okay, well, I guess I needed to do a rant after all.

Barb actually benefited from the early wake-up. She had to test some new computer program and apparently they had to test it on the weekend, probably so they wouldn’t break the DMV on a weekday because that would be really bad. She has to do these weekend tests maybe seven or eight times a year, which kinda sucks but at least they let her flex some time on the week days, so she not only gets compensated for it, she also gets to drink coffee in her pajamas on Monday morning while her coworkers are re-applying their noses to the grindstone (yuck! What a gruesome image that is; why is that even an idiom?).

Because she would have to get up early Sunday morning, Barb warned us, as we sat down to our customary Saturday night at the gaming table, that we would not be able to drag this game into the wee hours, as we sometimes do. There wasn’t much chance of that, however, because last week and again this week we’ve played our game with advanced rules that make it so much more difficult to play that we were not merely defeated both times, it was a demoralizing defeat, a sound thrashing, a defeat that left us shaking our heads and muttering to ourselves. And our game was over in just three hours. It would normally go on for about six hours. We have played games that went for as long as eight hours. But it’s a fun eight hours and doesn’t feel like it’s dragging at all, not, at least, for Barb and me. For Tim, who usually has to wait ages for Barb and me to plan each of our moves, it might perhaps drag just a little. But last night, no dragging at all. We got hauled out to the woodshed and beaten. Still had a good time, though. We look forward to game night all week long.

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