monkey bread

When I woke up this morning, the first coherent thought I can remember was, “I want monkey bread.”

Monkey bread is one of the most delicious breakfast snacks you can have with coffee. It tastes like a cinnamon roll but it’s made of little globs of dough stuck together in a muffin shape so you can easily pull off yummy little bits of it and pop them into your mouth.

I discovered this wonderful treat while I was working just a few blocks from a bakery that makes what has to be the most delicious monkey bread in the city. Batch Bakehouse was then making and selling their wares in a tiny little store down by the Yahara River on Willy Street. After everyone in Madison discovered that their baking was fantastic, the shop moved a couple blocks up the street to a bigger location where it continues to produce especially delicious baked goods, and to enjoy a dedicated following.

So when I woke up this morning and decided I wanted monkey bread, I pulled on some clothes, climbed into the car and headed for Batch Bakehouse, because why wouldn’t I go out of my way for the best monkey bread to satisfy my craving?

I got there just before it opened, thinking I would be first in line, but I was so very wrong about that because there was already a line of a little more than a dozen people that stretched around the corner. The line moved pretty quickly after the doors opened, though, so I got my monkey bread and a few other treats for later in short order.

Then I stopped at Java Cat for a hot coffee on the way home, just to make the morning perfect.

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