on latch

I fixed the latch on the door to the garage, and now I keep walking into it.

More accurately, I fixed the latch on one of the doors to the garage. The inside door is a hollow-core door, the kind you would find in the doorway of any room in your house. It’s not insulated, so there’s a storm door, too. The latch on the storm door has not worked for years, allowing me to just push it out of my way as I walk through the door.

I was fixing lots of broken stuff last weekend, so while I was wielding all those tools and slapping on all that glue, I took apart all the bits that were keeping the latch on the door from working, fixed them, then put them back together. Latch works fine now.

Only problem with that is I have to re-train my muscle memory to stop and reach for the latch instead of giving the door a shove while I keep walking. Since I fixed the latch, I have yet to remember this. I must have walked into that door two dozen times already.

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