that moment when

There’s an old friend I reconnected with on Facebook a year or two ago. One of the things I liked a lot about Facebook when I signed up for an account was reconnecting with people I knew way back when.

Another one of the things about Facebook, a thing I’m not a big fan of, is finding out the people I reconnected with might not be the kind of people I thought I knew way back when.

This guy I knew from high school, for instance. Almost all his posts have been photos of his grandkids, post about his job, jokey stuff – nothing you could consider provocative at all.

This afternoon, he posted a propaganda video from Turning Point USA, which was posted to Facebook by Donald Trump Jr.

I’m a “live and let live” kind of guy. Believe what you want to believe, it’s none of my business – except for just one thing: if you’re repeating lies for any of the Trumps, I will get up from the table and quit you. We’re done.

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