plague diary

Spent the day at the state office building, which was eerie because in The Before Times it was a building filled with more than 4,000 state office workers, but in The Plague Times I have been there twice and on each of those visits I have seen less than a half-dozen people each time. Weirdly, the only thing more disturbing than that is all the notices taped to the door windows warning members of the public that the building is closed and they should not attempt to enter.

I have to go to the state office building, as does every other employee in our office on a rotating basis, because we must issue letters and other important documents daily else the Wisconsin citizenry will not be well served. “But surely,” you say, “there is a way to do that automatically.” No, there isn’t, and don’t call me Shirley. Well, okay, there probably is, but government bureaucracy being what it is, we haven’t gotten to that point yet, so it must be done manually. You’re welcome, Wisconsin. I am honored to serve you.

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