shelter in place – day 27

It’s Day 27 of shelter in place at the O’Folks Home, counting from the Sunday after we flew back from Florida, and both of us are still pretty sure we haven’t contracted COVID-19. I’ve read that you can have it without showing any symptoms, but we’re both hypochondriacs so I’m pretty sure if we had it, we’d not only be symptomatic, we’d be symptomatic turned all the way up to eleven.

We’re almost positive neither one of us has had a fever, although I’m honestly not sure how high a person’s temp has to go to be considered a fever. Also, we didn’t have a trustworthy thermometer until day before yesterday; the one in our bathroom is dunno-howmany years old and when we used it, it tended not to give the same reading twice. The local drug store has been sold out since the pandemic started, and although B has been checking online since then, she didn’t find any for sale until recently. When they came in the mail (she ordered two, for backup) she popped one in her mouth straight out of the package and it seemed to work, so no fever but she’s probably got worms from not sterilizing the thermometer.

And neither of us has had a persistent cough or a respiratory problem that could be considered a symptom, beyond the post-nasal drip both of us have all through the winter season which seems to take forever to clear up, say until about June. Needless to say, we’ve both avoided pneumonia, too.

So yay for not catching the bug, but boo for having to stay at home for a month.

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