I had that dream where I was back in a college class, the teacher was discussing the final exam, and I had no idea what was going on.

It wasn’t the dream I usually have, where I show up in class for the first time but it turns out they’ve been holding class for weeks and I haven’t been going. In this morning’s dream, I’d been going to class and I knew what had been going on, but it seemed I believed I wouldn’t have to take the final exam until the teacher went around the room talking with each student about what they would have to do. When she got to me, she said I would have to demonstrate how I took care of my fingernails. At least, I think that’s what she wanted, because I was thinking it was very odd she would want me to show everyone how I clipped and filed my nails. I was so puzzled by this assignment that I asked her, “Are you talking to me?” Yes, she said, she was. So I said okay, I’ll show you but I don’t see how that’ll be of interest to anyone, and she said great and went on around the room assigning other tasking to the rest of the students.

Dreams are so weird.

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