biggest cuppa

Ordered a cup of tea with brunch at our favorite cafe yesterday morning & they brought me a cuppa that was big as a bathtub, no exaggeration. Okay, a little exaggeration. It was big as the kitchen sink. Okay, big as a bowling ball. Look, it was bigger than any cup of tea you might be able to drink in a single day. If I drank it all I would be peeing for a week. Which I would be doing anyway so that description doesn’t make a lot of sense, I can see that now. I was confused by the size of that cup of tea, what do you want from me? That thing was HUGE. I’ve never seen a cup of tea that mind-bogglingly large. There’s large, there’s extra-large, there’s enormous, and then there’s that cup of tea. I could go on but you’re not even reading this any longer, are you?

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