brain bugs

So how come brain-eating amoebas aren’t killing everybody?

A little background:

My Darling B uses a neti pot to irrigate her sinuses when they become clogged because of her allergies.

A neti pot looks like a doll’s teapot.  She fills it with warm water, sticks the spout in one of her nostrils, tips her head to the side so the nostril with the teapot spout stuck in it is up top, and lets the water run through her sinuses and out the lower nostril.  It’s pretty gross, but it helps relieve the pressure in her head and clears her sinuses of whatever gunk gets stuck in there after an allergic reaction.

I’ve read that it’s very important to use only distilled water when irrigating your sinuses with a neti pot.  Ordinary tap water has all kinds of microscopic bugs in it, including amoebas that would really like to eat your brain.  The FDA says it’s okay to swallow tap water with brain-eating amoebas in it because your stomach acid will kill them, but you shouldn’t get tap water up your nose unless you boil it first to kill the bugs in it.

Okay, so why don’t the amoebas get up our noses when we shower in ordinary tap water?  I get water up my nose all the time when I shower.  I assumed everybody did.  I know my kids got water up their noses almost every time they took a bath.  Are there amoebas eating their brains right now?  Well, in the case of my kids, probably yes.  Sorry, kids.

My Darling B doesn’t see why we don’t all have amoebas eating our brains, either, and furthermore she says she’s going to use this as her excuse for every future mess-up she gets caught at.  Didn’t get her work done on time?  Amoebas are eating my brain.  Cop pulled her over?  Sorry, officer, it must be the brain-eating amoebas.  It could be a pretty slick defense.

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