Trump as Hitler

Overwrought comparisons [of Donald Trump’s administration] to the Nazis are both historically illiterate and an extreme strategic misstep. The president’s critics have crossed a rhetorical line from which there can be no turning back.
The Hill, 6/24/2018

Couldn’t agree with you more, The Hill. Which is why, each week, I compare Trump to a *different* authoritarian nightmare of a leader. Last week, it was Manuel Noriega. Did you know Panamanians called him ‘Pineapple,’ sort of like the way Americans compare our feckless leader to orange foods like Cheetos, Doritos, and mangos? Next week, I’m going to compare him to Pol Pot, because they both put people in camps, and the week after that I’m thinking Nicolai Ceausescu. I don’t know how he’s like Ceaucescu yet, other than they’re both despots, but I like the satisfying way Nicolai Ceausescu rolls off the tongue. More satisfying, even, than Hitler but, as you say, that’s so last year. Anyway, nice work calling out the libs! Keep it up!

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