There’s a gremlin in our dish washer, or a poltergeist, or whatever weird little supernatural monster I can blame for changing the setting on the machine after I start it.

Our dish washer has five settings, from a quick rinse to a full-blown, three-hour-long power wash. The setting I use almost all the time is “regular wash,” but lately it’s been resetting itself to “power wash” after I close the door and walk away. The first time it happened I thought maybe I hit the wrong setting. The second time I was sure I set it to “regular wash” but told myself maybe I accidentally hit the “power wash” button when I closed the door. After that, I’ve been carefully, one might even say obsessively, checking the setting after I close the door, and I watch it run for a minute or two. Even so, it resets itself to “power wash” from time to time.

Why do I care? Why not just let it do the power wash thing? Because we have hard water, so I add about a cup of vinegar to each load. When it’s set on “regular,” it swishes the vinegar around in there for about thirty minutes and everything comes out nice and clean. But when it resets to “power wash,” it gives all the dishes a five-minute super-duper power blast, then sucks all the water and the vinegar down the drain. Without a good, long soak in the vinegar, the dishes, and especially the glasses, come out gritty and streaked with minerals.

We’ve had this dish washer for more than ten years and it’s been very dependable up to now. Might just be time to put a bullet in it and find a new one.

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