whether or not

I can no longer tell the difference between parody news, such as The Onion, and real news (or what has become known as “fake news,”) such as The New York Times or NBC.

The Daily Shit reported yesterday that Trump announced “he is much better at sexual assault than Harvey Weinstein & Bill Cosby and is willing to prove it.”

I’m pretty sure that’s parody news, but I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out to be real.

NBC reported today that “to get Trump to accept the current deployment of U.S. forces worldwide, NatSec [national security] leaders chose to show how positions benefited Trump Org.”

That should be The Onion, but it’s NBC. Probably not parody, but I won’t know for sure until the White House officially denies it, or Trump tweets more threats to pull NBCs FCC certification (he did that yesterday).

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