Tim bought a new car, a Honda Civic, which is coincidentally the same make and model he’s been driving since 2008 but, while the two cars share the same name on account of their common heritage, that’s about as far as the resemblance goes. Tim’s 1992 Honda Civic is small and round and handles like a go-cart; his 2017 Honda Civic is long and lean and sporty-looking, and although I haven’t had the pleasure of driving it yet, I’m pretty sure it handles like a sports car.

Tim’s going to donate his old car to a local charity but, since he has just one parking space in the lot at his apartment building, he asked if he could park it at our house for the few days it would take for the charity to process his request and come get the car, and we agreed. He parked it in the driveway to vacuum all the detritus out of the carpets and the trunk. I gave him a ride to the dealership to pick up his new car. He came back to our house, and somewhere in there. he lost the key. Can’t find it anywhere. The charity will still come get it but, until they do, his car is immovably parked in our driveway.

Because Tim’s car is parked immovably in the middle of our driveway, and we have to park our car at the end of the driveway, it follows inevitably that it snowed last night. I had to shovel a path around both cars, brush a couple inches of snow off our car, then shovel the driveway again because the snow that was on the car was now on the driveway. What will tomorrow bring?

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