coffee jones

It’s Saturday morning! Time to drink coffee and blog!

I brew a pot of coffee every morning, even though I don’t drink coffee during the week. My Darling B craves it first thing, and I’m the first one out of bed, so it’s my pleasure to have a pot waiting for her as she stumbles toward the kitchen in the wee small hours of the morning. [whiney voice on] Why do we have to be to work *so early*? [whiney voice off]

I used to drink coffee every day. When I did, I drank my first cup after I drank a glass of orange juice. Didn’t sit well. And it didn’t really taste all that good. So, it was either give up the orange juice or give up the first cup of coffee. I like orange juice a lot. The co-op sells a brand that tastes more like oranges than any other orange juice I’ve ever tried. No-brainer.

At work, there’s always been a piping-hot cuppa on my desk all day long. But drinking coffee all day long was making me goofy and giving me headaches, so I switched to tea. I drink a cup of Earl Grey first thing, then mellow out on decaffeinated teas for the rest of the day.

The Republic Of Tea makes my favorites. I started out on gold old Lipton, moved on to Celestial Seasonings, was a huge fan of PG Tips for a while, but right now I think The Republic Of Tea is the way to go for me. I usually have three or four varieties in their handy-dandy canisters. Never without a canister of Earl Greyer and another of Daily Green Tea. Will try almost anything else, unless it has cranberries.

But I still like coffee, so it’s a treat on the weekends, usually with brunch, often with blogging. Bottoms up!

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