mister yuck

We have to hide our bread. There’s something about the smell of bread that drives Scooter the Cat crazy enough to wrestle any bag of bread to the floor, tear it open and gnaw the loaf until there’s nothing left but crumbs. Not his most charming attribute.

And by “hide” I mean we have to lock it up behind a door that only animals with thumbs will be able to open. We tried putting it in a basket on top of the fridge where it’s out of sight but not out of reach. Scooter found it as soon as we left the kitchen.

So now any loaf of bread we bring home goes straight into the oven. If we have to use the oven, the bread gets moved up to the cupboards over the stovetop. The downside to this is not immediately obvious, unless you’re as absent-minded as we are: finding bags of mold that were once loaves of bread that got lost behind the pots and pans. Yuck to the max.

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