cleaner whiter teeth

Scooter is fascinated by the sight of me brushing my teeth. Or spooked by it, I can’t tell for sure.

Whenever I go to the bathroom, he drops whatever he’s doing and joins me in there, I guess to make sure I’m all right or to see if I need any help. If I’m on the pot, he weaves between my feet and rubs his haunches against my shins, or smears drool all over my thighs. I’ve heard the drool-smearing thing is a sign that they like you, another one of the lies we tell ourselves to rationalize keeping cats in the house. I typically close the door when I go in there to sit down. It’s kinda hard to concentrate on what I’m trying to do when a cat’s attempting to have intimate contact with me at the same time.

If I’ve gone in there to brush my teeth, though, I usually don’t bother to close the door. Doesn’t mean things don’t get weird, though. Scooter will stick his head around the corner of the door, catch sight of what I’m doing, and freeze. Stare at me until it starts to feel awkward. Then stalk me like he would an unsuspecting sparrow, moving more slowly than the hands of a clock so that I can hardly tell he’s even coming at me until he’s about halfway into the room. That’s about the time I spit & rinse, which breaks the spell. As soon as I’m done brushing, he behaves normally again, rubbing up against my legs and drooling. It’s really strange. I don’t know what he thinks I’m doing when I’m brushing my teeth, but clearly he doesn’t think it’s normal.

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