start the day

Woke up very slowly this morning, saw light shining through the slats of the window blinds, thought it was late morning. Checked the clock: 4:00 am. Went to the window, peered through the slats: Sodium street lights reflected off low clouds. Peed, went back to bed. Figured I had maybe a half hour, if I was very lucky, before Scooter started scratching at the door. Burrowed deep under the covers, shut my eyes … scratch scratch scratch. Dammit. *mew* It was Boo. She never scratches at the door unless she’s very hungry, and when she’s very hungry, she won’t stop. No point in staying in bed, then. Checked the clock: 5:30 am. wtf? I must’ve fallen asleep instantly before.

Start the day.

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