B introduced me to the concept of too much fruit this morning. How this is a thing is beyond me, but she’s the foodie and reads about food all the time, so she ought to have the most up to date info on nutrition. Or, she’s reading stuff that’s bullshit. But whatever, she says there’s a thought that we shouldn’t eat too much fruit because the sugar’s bad for us, and although I concede it’s possible to eat too much of anything, I have my doubts that we or any two randomly-picked Americans have ever in their natural lives eaten too much fruit. Conversely, it’s very likely we or any of those same Americans ate too much sugar on almost any given day of those same lives, but they most likely get it from drinking Mountain Dew and eating candy bars, not from fruit. So I’m calling bullshit on this too much fruit idea. I can’t fathom how it could possibly be a thing any of us have to worry about for more than a moment or two.

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