Chirr chirr

There was at least one racoon bustling around outside the bedroom window very early this morning. I woke to what sounded like something in our bedroom, sat straight up in bed and fully expected to see the axe murderer standing there. No one was there, of course, but I could still hear the noises. I went prowling down the hallway trying to determine where the noise came from, and the farther I got from the bedroom, the less noise I could hear.

The noise eventually stopped, so I went back to bed, but fifteen minutes later (about the length of time it takes me to doze off) I heard it again, and not long after that I heard what could only be a raccoon chirring outside the window. When I carefully pushed the blinds aside, I could see a small grayish blob scuttling across the lawn in the dim light before dawn. How an animal that small can make as much noise as they do is beyond my reckoning.

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