I am going to miss raspberries a lot this year.

Our raspberry patch is mostly accidental. Our neighbor had a huge raspberry patch that took up half of her yard. A year or two after we moved in, we noticed a few small canes sprouting in our yard. I guess they creep across the ground like that all by themselves.

So we encouraged them to grow along the garden fence at first, and then a bunch of them started to grow in the corner of the yard beside the garden, so we let them. That patch has grown to take over the corner of the yard and became more productive than the canes in the garden this year. I don’t know exactly how productive; we didn’t keep track, and even if we had, we still wouldn’t know because we ate a lot of berries while we picked.

We went out every day to pick, sometimes twice a day, eating almost ask of what we picked at first, but at their peak the patch was producing way more berries than we could eat in a day so we started freezing them in quart jars. But mostly we ate them –for snacks, for dessert, mixed up in fruit smoothies. My Darling B sprinkled them in her yogurt.

And now the season is over. There are a few berries to be had every day, but not a lot, so what’s in the freezer is what we’ve got. Too bad, because I was really enjoying them.

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