N-cat stabbed me in the face when I picked him up off the table Thursday morning. More specifically, he stabbed me in the base of the nose. Score one for him, but no bonus points. It’s a big target.

The little bastard’s got claws that are sharp as needles. He tagged me pretty good, too, so the claw that got me went deep enough to draw blood, and quite a lot of it. I just dabbed at it in the beginning, thinking it would stop soon, but the flow got heavier instead of lighter until I had to put substantial pressure on it to keep from dribbling blood all over the house.

And this happened just as we were getting ready to leave for work. Rather than try to drive while holding a compress against my nose, I volunteered My Darling B to take the wheel, a task she agreed to do only reluctantly. She hates to drive, which is why I usually end up doing it. I hate to drive, too. Funny how that works.

She did just fine, though. So well, in fact, that I volunteered her to do it every other day. She countered with every other week, and called dibs on vacations and weeks with holidays.

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