High speed Internet has finally come to our little red house. We had been making do with DSL over the phone line, which the tech had to tear out with hammer and tongs before replacing it with sleek, modern CAT 4 cable. AT&T don’t even use telephone line any more. If you want a land line in your house, they install computer cable and run the phone through that.

But we didn’t get high speed Internet for the phone. We got it so the smart TV finally does what it was advertised to do. The DSL connection was so clunky that the only way we could watch video on it before was to stream it through our phones and get the TV to mirror them. And that wasn’t a very good fix; it was always low-def and the sound was off. Dialog didn’t come out of anybody’s mouth when it should have.

Now, though, I can punch up any video on YouTube and watch it at any quality. It’s like I lived with 20/300 vision until middle age, then got lasik surgery. I watched a dozen videos by The Slow Mo Guys in HD just because I could. Not that I wouldn’t have watched them on my phone. Those guys are great.

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