burnt matches

We called MG&E on Saturday because we came home from the store and smelled burnt matches. “That’s not gas, though, right?” I asked them. “It’s supposed to smell like rotten eggs, isn’t it?” They said yes, but just to be safe they sent a technician who used a hand-held gadget to sniff for gas around the meter and all around the house. He found nothing, but admitted he could smell burnt matches, too.

B looked it up on line and found that the number one answer to the question “why does my house smell like burnt matches?” was: ghosts. Google is usually a big help for these things, but this was almost worse than no answer at all because, sorry to state the obvious here, there is no such thing as ghosts, so that eliminates 99% of the answers. All the other answers seemed more unlikely than the best answer that we could come up with on our own, which was that the cat had been playing with matches.

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