Among the other things I learned yesterday: Turns out B was a Prince fan. Not a huge one. Didn’t have all his albums, but liked his music enough to listen to call up a few of his songs on teh intarwebs after I told her the news that he had been found dead, which was all over social media, probably within minutes after they found him.

I am not a Prince fan. Didn’t hate his stuff, but didn’t like it much, either. “1999” was about as close as I could get to saying I liked anything he did. Maybe a little “Raspberry Beret” now and then. But the rest got way more attention than I could have ever given it.

Not that I thought it was bad. Clearly, it had merits, because many tens of thousands of people dearly loved his stuff. There’s no denying that. But it didn’t touch me. And I realize that’s all on me. I own that.

Maybe I’ll get into it later. I didn’t like Elvis for thirty years. Used to make fun of him a lot, in fact. Then I was listening to “Burning Love” and I was all, Wow, This Is Elvis? I don’t think that’s going to happen for me with Prince, to be honest, but you never know.

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