I’m still a little under the weather after finally coming down with a case of whatever that coughing crud was that everybody was passing around at the office. I thought I had somehow gotten away with catching a case of crud lite, just a few sniffles and a sore throat, but then earlier this week I started to hear a familiar rattle in my chest when I coughed, and on Wednesday I was feeling bad enough to leave the office around lunch time. I spent all day Thursday curled up in a fetal ball, pitifully hacking up syrupy gobs of phlegm and dreaming of the days that I would be able to breathe through my nose again. I wasn’t feeling nearly normal again until yesterday. I still rattle when I cough.

Actually, I do a bit more than just rattle. In point of fact, I sound as though I’m struggling to barf up a lung. This brand of crud seems to come with an especially long recovery period. I don’t have precisely the same bug My Darling B came down with, but it’s probably in the same family, because we sound almost exactly alike right now. The biggest difference between what she’s got and what I’ve got, though, is that she’s been coughing like this for three weeks. I don’t know where she’s found the strength, because I’ve been hacking up lung cookies for less than a week and I’m ready to throw in the towel.

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