We went shopping today, My Darling B and I, the one activity that neither B not I would ever voluntarily do, given the choice, but everything in my wardrobe is at least ten years old (even … no, especially my underwear) and we are planning a special vacation for which we’ll need warm-weather clothes, so shopping was inevitable.

And we did pretty well, given how very much we didn’t want to be shopping. B got herself a sparkly dress to wear to a formal dinner we’ll be attending next month, and I bought myself several different shirts, which you would find remarkable if you saw me often enough to know that I wear the same three shirts again and again (washing them after almost every use, of course).

I’m going to need a bow tie for that formal dinner, so I bought myself a real bow tie (as opposed to a clip-on) so i could see if I could teach myself how to tie one. It was touch and go for a while there, but after I figured out my right from my left (a crucial distinction) and where to tuck the second half of the bow (hint: none of the videos I could find explained it very well), I could do it, if only sloppily. I figure I’ll have enough time to practice it so it won’t be so sloppy when it’s crunch time.

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